Will not contain minor changes – feel free to look through git log for more detail.

v0.4.0 :: 20170402

  • Rename handlers to plugins
  • Add interface for user plugins
  • Add type hints
  • Require Python 3.6
  • Eliminate third party dependencies
  • Make sure to close connection when plugin commands fail / return False

v0.3.3 :: 20160722

  • Added compatibility for rollershutter to handlers.hass
  • Changed handlers.hass to send values from a dict to make addition of new services easier in the future

v0.3.2 :: 20160419

  • Update SSDPServer to setsockopt to permit receiving multicast broadcasts
  • sock kwarg to create_datagram_endpoint no longer necessary, restoring functionality to Python 3.4.0 - 3.4.3 (closes #6)
  • make_udp_sock() no longer necessary, removed from fauxmo.utils
  • Tox and Travis configs switched to use Python 3.4.2 instead of 3.4.4 (since 3.4.2 is the latest available in the default Raspbian Jessie repos)

v0.3.1 :: 20160415

  • Don’t decode the UDP multicast broadcasts (hopefully fixes #7)
    • They might not be from the Echo and might cause a UnicodeDecodeError
    • Just search the bytes instead
  • Tests updated for this minor change

v0.3.0 :: 20160409

  • Fauxmo now uses asyncio and requires Python >= 3.4.4
  • Extensive changes to codebase
  • Handler classes renamed for PEP8 (capitalization)
  • Moved some general purpose functions to fauxmo.utils module
  • Both the UDP and TCP servers are now in fauxmo.protocols
  • Added some rudimentary pytest tests including tox and Travis support
  • Updated documentation on several classes

v0.2.0 :: 20160324

  • Add additional HTTP verbs and options to RestApiHandler and Indigo sample to config
    • NB: Breaking change: json config variable now needs to be either on_json or off_json
  • Make RestApiHandler DRYer with functools.partialmethod
  • Add SO_REUSEPORT to to make life easier on OS X

v0.1.11 :: 20160129

  • Consolidate logger to and import from there in other modules

v0.1.8 :: 20160129

  • Add the ability to manually specify the host IP address for cases when the auto detection isn’t working (
  • Deprecated the DEBUG setting in config.json. Just use -vvv from now on.

v0.1.6 :: 20160105

  • Fix for Linux not returning local IP
    • restored method I had removed from Maker Musings original / pre-fork version not knowing it would introduce a bug where Linux returned as local IP address

v0.1.4 :: 20150104

  • Fix default verbosity bug introduced in 1.1.3

v0.1.0 :: 20151231

  • Continue to convert to python3 code
  • Pulled in a few PRs by @DoWhileGeek working towards python3 compatibility and improved devices naming with dictionary
  • Renamed a fair number of classes
  • Added kwargs to several class and function calls for clarity
  • Renamed several variables for clarity
  • Got rid of a few empty methods
  • Import devices from config.json and include a sample
  • Support POST, headers, and json data in the RestApiHandler
  • Change old debug function to use logging module
  • Got rid of some unused dependencies
  • Moved license (MIT) info to LICENSE
  • Added argparse for future console scripts entry point
  • Added Home Assistant API handler class
  • Use “string”.format() instead of percent
  • Lots of other minor refactoring